Most Porsches are on Condition Based Servicing, meaning that you can find out what service your car is due through the instrument panel. If you have any questions about this we would be happy to advise.

No, a manufacturer cannot invalidate your warranty under block exemption rules. We follow the manufacturers service schedule and use original equipment parts, we list all parts used including oil type on your invoice ensuring your manufacturer's warranty is fully intact.

In almost all cases, your Porsche should tell you by means of an indicator on the dashboard or multimedia interface when your service is due.

We accept all types of payment including all major credit cards.

Due to the loss of about 15% of the refrigerant per year and the contamination of the oil it is advised to service and refill the unit to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

Porsches use a timing chain as opposed to a belt. These are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, however it is not uncommon for these to fail. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in contact.

Yes, we have the latest diagnostic equipment available, enabling us to carry out full diagnosis of cars from brand new to as old as 1995.

We do not have a specific limit and will try our very best to offer you our pick-up service. We try to accommodate every request.