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Porsche Diagnostics Glasgow

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The Porsche car is becoming ever more complicated, it is important that the best diagnostic equipment is available to diagnose faults as and when they appear. At P For Porsche, diagnostics is an area that we pride ourselves on, investing year on year to ensure that our technicians have the best knowledge and equipment at their disposal.

porsche servicing glasgow

Pass Through Technology/Integrated Service Technical Application

Manufacturers have recently moved their diagnostic platform from PC based to Server based. This allows your car to be diagnosed with the most up to date information available, supplied by the manufacturer through the system PIWIS TSI, a special secured PXN includes security related information such as codes and full vehicle information. Access is essential to this special secured network and requires special accreditation of INDEPENDENT WORKSHOP and certification to utilise the system. We are authorised to integrate the data into software used for repair, maintenance and service of Porsche branded cars. We continue to invest heavily in this area ,this allows us to carry out diagnostics, reprogramming and repairs that would usually only be possible at a main dealer, including services such as key coding, ECU replacement and Software updates.

We are an independent specialist and have no affiliation to Volkswagen Group UK Ltd